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Served with warm pita bread. Extra dressing $0.75.

Add protein: Chicken or Pork $3.70 | Lamb $5.75 | Roasted Veggies $2.75 | Falafel (3) $3.75

Garden Salad


Crisp blend of mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumber.

Village Salad


Red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, Kalamata olives and Feta cheese sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano.

Greek Salad


Crisp blend of mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, Kalamata olives, pepperocinis and Feta cheese.

1/2 Village Salad



All 8 oz. spreads served with two warm pita breads or pita crisps.

All 4 oz. spreads served with one warm pita or pita crisps.


Greek yogurt and cucumber with fresh garlic and herbs.


Chickpeas, fresh lemon, fresh garlic, tahini and spices.

Mediterranean Hummus


Homemade lemon garlic hummus with crumbled feta, Kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes and parsley    8oz.


Red bell peppers, Feta, garlic, olive oil and hot pepper flakes.

Trio Sampler


Choose 3.  
4oz. Kopanisti, 4oz. Tzatziki, or 4oz Lemon Garlic Hummus  served with 3 pieces of warm pita or pita crisps.


Greek Eggplant Spread


Served on a white pita.  Extra sauce $0.75

Traditional Pork Gyro


Rotisserie pork, tzatziki, red onions, tomatoes, hand cut fries and parsley wrapped in a warm pita.

Lamb Gyro


100% oven cooked lamb, tzatziki, red onions, tomatoes, hand cut fries and parsley wrapped in a warm pita.

Reuben Gyro


Oven baked corned beef, thousand island, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, tomatoes, hand cut fries in warm pita.

Cold Veggie Gyro


Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Olives, Handcut Fries wrapped in warm pita.

Chicken Gyro


Rotisserie chicken, spicy mustard sauce, red onions, tomatoes, hand cut fries and parsley wrapped in a warm pita.

Bifteki Gyro


Blended pork and beef, tzatziki, red onions, hand cut fries and parsley wrapped in a warm pita.

Roasted Veggie Gyro


Roasted summer squash & zucchini, roasted red & yellow peppers, tomatoes, red onions, hand cut fries , tzatziki in a warm pita.

Falafel Gyro


Deliciously seasoned falafel, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki wrapped in a warm pita.

Dinner Plates

Served with a side dinner salad, hand-cut French fries or rice pilaf, warm pita bread and choice of sauce.

Gyro Dinner


Chicken, bifteki, reuben, or pork gyro meat or sandwich.

Souvlaki Dinner


Two chicken or pork skewers.

Falafel Gyro Dinner


Lamb Gyro Dinner


Lamb gyro meat or sandwich.

Veggie Gyro Dinner


Side Orders

Hand-Cut French Fries


Rice Pilaf


Specially seasoned rice.

Warm Pita


Warm grilled pita bread.

Feta Cheese and Pita


Feta drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and pita.



8 pieces of deep fried ground chickpeas mixed with herbs and spices.

Homemade Lentil Soup

Seasonal Homemade Lentil soup

Pita Crisps


Seasoned deep fried pita

Greek Fries


Hand cut fries layered with Feta cheese, fresh oregano and a side of Greek dressing.



Greek spinach pie.

Souvlaki and Pita


Char grilled chicken or pork skewer with one pita and one sauce



7 pieces of Greek stuffed grape leaves served with tzatziki

Avgolemono Soup

Seasonal - Greek egg lemon soup with chicken broth base.

8oz. $3.50 | 12oz. $6.00

Extra Sauces $.75

Tzatziki - Greek yogurt blended with cucumber, garlic & fresh herbs.
Mustard Sauce - Our Signature Spicy Mustard.
Monster Sauce - Jalapeno & habanero relish mixed with a blend of spices.


Soft Drinks


20 oz. Coke products: Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Gingerale, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Orange Fanta, Flavored Seltzer water, Minutemaid Lemonade, Minutemaid Fruit Punch.



Greek iced coffee.

Domestic Beer




Bottled Water


Iced Tea


Black Tea, Unsweetened Tea, Sweet Tea

Imported Beer





Jajabelle's Bakery signature filo pastry, generously filled with chopped walnuts and honey.

Main Street Gyro's Signature Happy Ending


Greek yogurt with honey and crushed walnuts


Fried dough balls dipped in our homemade sweet syrup sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and walnuts.

Baklava Parfait


Layers of plain Greek yogurt, honey, and baklava topped with fresh fruit.